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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  November 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. right now at 4:30, a 4-year- old boy hit by a car while trick or treating the driver being sited, what she did after the crash. and the former house speaker could find out whether he'll getout of prison early, first the judge has a questions. more work is being done on polls, good news if you're trying to get that transponder. >> live from the channel 4 studios in boston, then it is wbz news this morning. good morning everybody. >> it is tuesday, november first already, it is cold out there. >> all those kiddies are in bed
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>> they'll wake up and want peanut butter cups for breakfast. temperatures, 36 degrees in boston, 27 in norwood, right at the freezing mark in lawrence, 29 in fitchburg, and the 40s on the cape we've been milder thanks to some cloud cover on the mid and outer cape towards plymouth counties otherwise clear skies yesterday temperatures chilly to start sunrise at 7:18, sun and clouds 48 by lunchtime the wind won't be as active so that will make it feel better a few clouds mix in, clear and quiet for the ride home, 50 degrees with the sunset, we'll let you know how long the warm up lasts get you back on the roads. >> we want you to watch out for
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expressway, two lanes are closed in the off and onramps closed. this should wrap up before the expressway gets too busy, something in keep in mind. crews are working on the mass pipe this is the scene as the toll booths come down, yesterday's morning commute went very smoothly officials want you to do the same thing today to avoid a back up, they say pay attention to the traffic pattern and mind the 15 miles per hour speed limit the easy pass system is up and running ahead of schedule. they expected to go back online at 7:00, all good news there. >> a 4-year-old boy hit by a car while trick or treating in lowell, they saw the 4-year-old lying in the road before
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with apparently 2 kids in the back of her car. >> police lights flashed on marshall avenue in lowell, strewn candy now pieces of evidence. hours earlier it was trick or treaters when steven faye says he saw something terrible. >> it was upsetting. >> a woman driving no more than 5 miles per hour. a 4-year-old boy darted right in her path. >> i saw saw the car the kid and saw the kid laying on the ground and then the car stopped and the people started screaming and then somebody said call 911. >> the boy was brought to the hospital with a series head laceration. a short time later and a few miles away our camera was rolling as the driver sat parked between two police cruisers. after hitting the boy she
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witness followed her and patrolman stopped her. she was placed in the back of a lowell police car. the boy is at the hospital getting treatment. and police stop and arrested a group of people who they say were wrecklessly driving off road vehicles, the sergeant suffered serious injuries and the people are due in court this morning. a judge will consider letting out early, they recommended macy being released early after battling cancer twice in prison a judge wants more details on the current medical condition macy has served five years of an 8 year sentence for corruption. >> a student will be
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principal. the police arrested the boy but won't release his name because he is a minor. died after attending a halloween house party in lowell, another is facing serious charges 18-year-old joseph slammed ethan costello head first into a concrete floor during an under age party court documents say it was more than an hour before lowell was taken to the hospital, kids say no one wanted to help or call 911. he died after taken off life support. >> the defendant responded by picking him upturns him up and slamming his head down onto a concrete floor which caused injuries to him. the defendant bragged about
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people and in unspeakable tragedy the victim in this case fell to the floor and seems that he hit his head. >> initially charged with assault and battery with a weapon but those charges can be upgraded now that he died being held on $10,000, cash bail if he makes bail he'll be confined to his home and a chain crash in the back bay, the engine 7 fire truck was responded with smoke in the building yesterday morning when investigators think an suv came out into the intersection, the fire truck hit the suv and veered off hitting 9 parked cars. >> i heard the siren. absolutely crushed this car
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crossing over. it went about had to go 50 or 60 feet. the drive of the suv was also taken to the hospital investigators are looking at traffic cameras in the area but right now it appears that driver is not to blame. breaking over night buses, trolllies and subways shot down philadelphia as 4700 transit workers began a strike early this morning the strike left commuters scrambling nearly 60,000 students could impact election day but the union hopes to reach a tentative agreement after that. we're exactly one week away from election day. the fbi is going through thousands of e-mails belonging to hillary clinton's top aides. officials want to know if the messages are copies of e-mails already seen in the investigation into clinton's private server whether the case should be reopened. the decision probably won't come before the election right now it is the talk of the
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she would be under protracted criminal investigation likely followed by the trial of a sitting president. >> this is just, hey, this is just what we need. >> why in the world the fbi would decide to jump into an election without any evidence of wrong doing without days to go, that's a good question. the justice the president says it is dedicating all necessary resources to possible. we have got you covered at 7:00 on wbz cbs news will have live coverage, bring you updates on the massachusetts votes as well. join us for an election special at 8:00 on my tv 38 at 9:00, check out for a special webcast bringing you town by town results and instant analysis all next
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morning making millions in massachusetts. >> where residents are raking in the dough. and logan travelers paid to park in a secure lot but came home to find their car on send cinder blocks their wheels stolen, what happened about the
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. welcome back, 4:42, massachusetts is home to millionaires, more than 15,000 residents reported earning a million dollars in income in 2014, boston had the most millionaires more than 2,000 1200 millionaires, the highest proportion of millionaires. >> all right. it is money watch, butterball announcing new turkey help ahead of thanksgiving. starbucks and amazon getting ready for the holiday season, jill wagner joins us
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hours behind us but marking the start of the holiday season, thedeals is every 5 minutes now through december 22nd. butterball is offering a new way to get help with that thanksgiving turkey since 1981 they staffed a telephone help line now struggling cooks for turkey cooking guidance in the week leading up to thks holidays at starbucks, leaking a photo of this year's holiday cubs won't be used until the 10th the design is more of a holiday theme a solid red cupped sparked backlash. >> it still was red with a green circle on it listen, you
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christmasy. >> as long as my drink is caffeine that's all we need. exactly jill thank you. we appreciate it. it is the beginning of the christmas season, the beginning of the holiday season, it get very excited not until later i get like, enough is enough. it happened this morning you flip the calendar to november it is like bam holiday season let's go . >> chris is ready to put we have turned to calendar to november. october just flew by we are starting november on a bit of a cool note 36 degrees in boston the dew points in the low 30s wind out of the north at 7 miles per hour, fairly light most communities running 5 to 15 degrees, than we were at
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nashaua, 28 in portland, the heavier coat-type of morning 27 in norwood, 29 in bedford, compare that to the 40s to the outer cape that's because we have a few more clouds backing up some ocean effect backing up towards the plymouth coastline to marshfield, clouds off to the east, clear skies with a big area of high pressure building right over head today what's going onto surge of warmth that will be approaching during the day tomorrow. today will be just like yesterday a little less wind and a couple degrees above where we were. the warm front approaches during the day tomorrow, clouds in the morning and then break out during the afternoon all though it may not be full sunshine despite that we come into the mid-60s tomorrow afternoon, going to be a dry day thursday is the next chance of any wet
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morning and the clouds increase notice by the afternoon north of the mass pike, pockets of rain and late in the day we may all get into a shower or thunderstorm by thursday evening and that's a big time cool down that will come back to end the week on friday. high temperatures today 50 to 55 for most of us, sea breeze will kick in and a little cooler than average over night tonight won't be as cold as this out of the south, highs tomorrow, mid to upper 60s so above average 65 in boston, low 60s in worcester, low 60s on cape cod one more mild day on thursday, somewhere south of the pike may approach 70 degrees, looks like rain moves in from west to east late in the day big time cool down upper 40s the weekend looking
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saturday with sun and clouds. >> and only thing you have to worry about is construction happening on the expressway, here at exit 15 two lanes are closed as well as the off and onramp, that should reopen in about 15 minutes at 5 a.m. we also have a live look at the weston toll, traffic pretty much nonexistent yesterday, you did yesterday try to do it again today, we'll monitor the traffic conditions and see if that changes chris and kate? >> a warning when parking your car flying out of the airport. one business moving hundreds of vehicles making them easy targets for criminals. the iteam gets the answer for us. >> after a vacation to orlando in the midst of hurricane
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thought the craziness was behind them when they landed at logan. >> all four-wheels were gone. this is the site that greeted them in boston their brand new car, sitting on cinder blocks all four-wheels, stolen. >> what do you think when you hear of that? >> how the heck did that happen? >> they assume their car was parked inside the fenced thrifty airport parking lot but really three mes cinder blocks the dog racing track, a lot filled with pot holes and standing water, no gate, no guards. they deliberately parked the car there, that's my reaction here is their website. >> you can imagine their confusion when you read thrifty's website which
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beconstantly monitored. >> i would say that's absolutely untrue. the iteam discovered plenty of cars at the wonder lot with thrifty parking tickets clearly visible on the dash board, we watched workers lineup cars and zip them back to the thrifty location without customers ever knowing. >> in one report the manager admitted employees leave the cars unattended for 12 hours over night. >> another wheels the officer wrote, this is an ongoing problem at that location and it gets worse. >> is that your car right there? >> yeah that's it. >> really unbelievable to see it with that brand new car. >> jeff had no idea thieves swiped his wheels until the iteam contacted him. when he picked this car up it had all four tires and employees never said a word.
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it was dishonest with them to tell me nothing happened to my vehicle. >> the team decided to pay the manager a visit. >> to ask why customers aren't getting the full story. why don't you tell customers their cars are being moved from this well-lit secure lot? >> i have no equipment. >> why not? you're running the show right? are you fixing customer vehicles and never telling customers their cars were damaged? why won't you talk going to be parked there we absolutely would never have parked there. wouldn't park our old car there, wouldn't park there for free, i work park my worst enemy's car there. >> thrifty is also makingchanges, telling the iteam 24 hour security has been added. also letting customers know their car might be moved leer at last the company says the manager's reactions are under review for fixes cars without
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eye opening that's for sure. ahead, the knewest pitch to bring back late night service to the city. >> accused of discrimination we'll take a closer look at the
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. welcome back, 4:53. arlington police searching for a bank robbery suspect, police released this photo they say robbed a bank on mass av after 5:00, no weapon was shone and no one was hurt. anyone with information should call arlington police. the mta is hoping that this video will help them find the person who operator, he was wearing a halloween mask when he punched the operator. and could come back to boston, according to globe boston based bridge wants to run an on demand shuttle service people would request a ride on bridge's app and other locations for destinations. no charge for tickets or
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plan, they'll charge $1.55 million a year. a new study suggests uber drivers are discriminated against drivers, professors stanford and the university ofwashington release their findings yesterday. say uber drivers in boston were twice as likely to cancel the rides for passengers who had african american sounding names the study also found black passengers waited 30% longer for uber rides and took passengers for expensive rides. >> making fake resident residentdocuments, saying some families are doing according to the boston globe the counselor anissa is holding a meeting this afternoon to discuss the review and discuss and review the city's residency policy and enforcement saying the school department has the power to
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walsh is speaking out ballot two, would increase the cap for the number of charter schools in the state even if appearing in adds in question two. there is nothing like halloween in salem. >> police working to keep the
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most of course in costumes. >> it is not all, the holiday is the witch city's biggest celebration of the year with several downtown streets turning into pedestrian walk ways. this year's halloween was chilly, plenty of people still enjoying the big party. >> great because everybody just has a great time people come out of town they love salem they keep coming back. >> everybody is happy, everybody is dressed up we're all having a good time, it is free. >> she looks pret costume weaponed that looked a little too realistic, only a few people were arrested. on a warm halloween night forget about it that place is the place to be. >> crazy. >> yes, indeed. testimony stories weather and traffic are all straight ahead here . the news at 5:00 starts now. right now at 5:00, a boy hit by a car while trick or treating the driver being sited
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after the accident. and should be released early from prison, the hearing set for today and the question the judge wants answered. more work what it means for your morning commute. live from the channel 4 studios in boston. it is wbz news this morning. good morning. >> thanks for joining us, it is tuesday, november 1st, just like that we're onto a new month, s not too much of a drastic change. >> today will be very similar, kate and chris, most communities are saying 5 to 15 degrees colder than we were 24 hours ago it is 35 in boston, compare that to 30 in province


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